There are several approaches to coaching:

Child/Young Person   6-12  13-17  18-24

Individual and group coaching.


Individual and group coaching.

Parent/carer and child coaching.

Coaching in Education

Individual staff and student coaching.

Leadership and Senior Leadership group coaching.

Teacher and parent/carer coaching.

Coaching in the Community

Individual and group coaching.

Coaching Leaders in the Community (CLIC) training.

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Inspirational Quote

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

Frederick Douglass


In Reach understands how children develop and integrates a holistic 'whole' child approach to coaching recognising that children do not develop in isolation or by themselves and external factors such as family, friends and their environment can shape and influence their development and choices.

Coaching the next generation

* Coaching is based on customised strategies (fitted to the needs of the particular child/young person. Coaching aims to assess its effectiveness in assisting the child/young person to reach a higher level in their desires, goals and potential.

About us

As a Developmental Coach we establish a development baseline (starting point) initially before coaching begins and once the agreed number of coaching sessions end, we agree to have a complementary follow up session a year later to review the developmental level. *We typically do not contract for less than a year because whilst a child can bring about behavioural change in less time. Behavioural change that is not rooted in developmental advance is often temporary and at surface level.

What makes us different?

We understand that children go through numerous experiences some positive and others challenging. Those experiences can have an impact during childhood and have a lasting impact in their adulthood. We use coaching as a mechanism to assist children and young people to make decisions and to bounce back from disappointments and challenges in an positive way.

In Reach

Is a coaching and training company that works with children and young people to help them find and achieve their desires, goals and potential. We believe that every child is unique and focus on nurturing their natural strengths and abilities in a supportive and safe environment.

Has experience of working with a wide range of people within the Education Sector and uses the experience and passion to work with children and young people to empower and facilitate positive change into the lives of the next generation.

MSc Coaching Psychology; BA Early Childhood Studies