Coaching the next generation

In Reach work with children, young people and staff within education establishments to break down barriers and reduce the gap between aspirations and attainment.

Coaching in Education

Coaching can provide ways to:

  • Enhance the skills and potential of staff.
  • Encourage the sharing of good practice minimising performance management.
  • Provide the opportunity to reflect on teaching and work practices.
  • Give individuals greater ownership of their development.
  • Reduce the feeling of isolation.
  • Promote an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

What is coaching?

Coaching is an approach that assists to enable positive change. A coach can work with students and staff to achieve beneficial outcomes in a realistic and manageable way.

How does coaching work?

We offer 1-1 coaching, group coaching and workshops for staff and students within schools, colleges and universities.

Coaching can provide:

  • Approaches to discover hidden talent and abilities.
  • A successful and positive educational environment.
  • Increased levels of staff and student engagement.
  • Ways to address pupil performance and behaviour.
  • Effective ways to communicate with students, staff and parents.
  • Ways to increase resilience and well-being and decrease stress levels.

Partner with us

Children spend many years of their lives in education. For some this can be a positive learning experience and for others it can be challenging and uninspiring. Positive aspirations are crucial for future success, what children aspire to do whilst they are young is linked to what they do later on in life. Low aspirations can lead to low levels of academic, creative and professional achievement.